We want your customers to fall in love.

We believe in love at first sight.
—between people, and between businesses and their customers. People fall in love with great companies, and the right first impression can make all the difference.

Hi. Creative Agency started with a vision: That customers form attachments with businesses the same way they do with people; that well considered, high-quality design can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, starting new customer relationships and solidifying the old; and that growing companies can leverage great design to show who they truly are —building customer trust and loyalty.

From that vision, we created an new kind of agency. We’re small, and we intend to stay that way —there are very few economies of scale in professional services. By staying small, we can work with newer companies with great products and great ambitions, companies that can benefit the most from a great first impression. And by staying small we can give companies undiluted access to our experienced staff —expertise that makes all the difference in a competitive world. Because at the end of the day, the name on the door is just a proxy for the people doing the work, and to stand out to your customers, you need the brightest people you can get.

We call our agency “Hi.” because all great relationships start with an introduction. We want your introduction to be memorable, recognizable and authentic to your company. An introduction that will resonate with your customers and magnify all those little things that make your company special. When you do that, you set the stage to build a relationship with your customers that inspires trust and loyalty -- for them to fall in love with your business. It all starts with Hi.

What we do.

We work with companies to plan, articulate and implement creative and technological solutions to their communication needs. We focus on consistency and a big-picture idea of what your company means to your customers in order to ensure that all of your marketing works together to establish a singular personality for your brand.


We bring nearly 20 years of experience and insights to our client engagements. In those years, we’ve seen a shift from a landscape where companies can pay to access a captive audience, to one where the customer has more control over the messages they receive. The most successful organizations today attract interest through high-quality content and a brand persona that resonates with their customers, building trust and loyalty over time.

We work with our clients as trusted advisors to plan and implement the creative work that will be most effective for their needs. We’re always gathering information in our area of practice. This constant study allows our clients to tap into rare knowledge and insights that can become their competitive advantage.

Our process.

In broad terms, Design is a framework for reducing risk and improving outcomes when creating something new. It's a process of planning and digging into the details to remove unknowns and thus, the potential for problems. Limiting risks and waste in the design process is a chief concern of any experienced designer, and is done through upfront investment in truly understanding the project’s goals, constraints, and the metrics by which to measure the progress towards the finished product.

In some things, there really is no substitute for hard work. We follow the tried and tested approach of studying hard to understand our client's challenges, reducing complexity and risk from the project, and advancing a project bit by bit, from concept through to completion with regular progress updates, and minimal waste.

This is who we are.

James Clarke

Creative Director

James is a born innovator who brings nearly 20 years of professional experience in communication design to bear on his client’s goals and challenges. James likes to work with passionate business people who have a great product or service and want to share it with the world.

Kari Clarke

Managing Director

Kari comes from a background in accounting and marketing, Her organizational skills are on the level of a super-power, and she uses them to keep the studio running like a well-oiled machine.

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